Route 31, Route 78/22 to Grayrock Road - Roadway Pavement and Safety Improvement Project

Update As of June 6, 2024 

The traffic control plans for the Route 31, Route 78/22 to Grayrock Road DOT project have been revised. Work on the right lane of Rt 31 NB will be performed with a continuous NB lane closure during summer months while school is out. This long-term summer right lane closing will decrease the duration of the project by 3 months.

UPDATE AS OF February 5, 2024

NJ DOT has advised the Township that their contractors will soon begin work on Route 31 between Route 78/22 and Grayrock Road.  “They (NJDOT) have advised us that the project work will begin in early 2024 but no definitive date has yet been set. Once a date is announced and provided to us, we will post it accordingly.” This project is anticipated to be completed by November 2026.

The project will include:

  • Removal and replacement of the concrete that is failing;
  • Realigning eastbound Center Street where it meets southbound Route 31;
  • Extending the length of the acceleration lane where the ramp from Interstate 78/Route 22 westbound meets Route 31 northbound;
  • Repair and rehabilitate other roadway infrastructure elements, including curb, guide rail, signs, lighting, drainage and bridges;
  • Improvements to the Route 173/County Route 626 interchange.

Pavement reconstruction work will require that Route 31 traffic will be reduced from two-lanes to one-lane.  Route 31 lane closures will be limited to off-peak hours, typically over the weekend.  

As pavement reconstruction work extends through the I-78 and Rt. 173 interchanges, ramps will need to be closed and traffic detoured.  Each ramp detour is anticipated for one or two weekends.  Center Street detours are anticipated for three to four weekends.  Route 31 through traffic will not be detoured.

At the Beginning of January 2024, the Contractor, Green Construction Inc., will begin construction operations on Route 31, Route 78/22 to Grayrock Road - Roadway Pavement and Safety Improvement Project in Clinton Township.

Location of Project: Route 31 NB & SB, MP 32.56 to 31.72. Lane closures will be limited to off peak hours.

Prior to the construction operations, the Contractor, Green Construction Inc., will be on site to install Construction Signs within the limits of the work and construction zones. This installation of the Construction Signs will begin the week of January 2, 2024. The installation of silt fencing and inlet silt bags for erosion control will begin on January 4, 2024.

Proposed Start Date of new Traffic Pattern - January 26, 2024.