Board of Health

The Clinton Township Council is the Clinton Township Board of Health. The Hunterdon County Board of Health provides the technical input and comments, focusing primarily on reviewing and voting on septic system designs for new construction as well as repairs and alterations to existing systems. In these actions the Board is guided by Township and New Jersey statutes relating to septic system design and placement.

Homeowner's Guide - Well and Septic System Care in Hunterdon County

The Board is responsible for the Township dog-licensing program , the annual rabies vaccination clinic, and for recommendations to the Mayor and Council to contract for a Township veterinarian and an outside agency to serve as dog warden. Biennially, in accordance with State statutes, the Board conducts a census to locate and report unlicensed dogs as part of a program to reduce the incidence of rabies. This program, along with others relating to the Township's canine population, is funded by annual dog licensing fees and penalties assessed for non-compliance with dog licensing and vaccination regulations.

Working with the Township Clerk's office or with professional personnel employed by Hunterdon County Department of Health, the Board has oversight responsibility for:

  • Inspection of food businesses or facilities (whether selling or serving food)
  • Issuing annual or temporary food service licenses
  • Removal of construction and other debris
  • Sanitary or other health-related property inspections
  • Inspection and licensing of public campgrounds and pools
  • Other Board actions relate to deliberating on proposed (or violations of) health-related ordinances and providing health or safety related recommendations to other Township bodies such as the Planning Board.

Hunterdon County Department of Health

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Township Administrator
William Close
Phone: (908) 735-8800 x202
Acting Township Clerk
Lindsay Heller
Phone: (908) 735-8800 x210
1225 Route 31 South
Lebanon, NJ 08833
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday