Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

OEM Coordinator: Steve Krommenhoek

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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates community resources to protect lives, property, and the environment through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery from all natural and man-made hazards that may impact our township.

Emergency Management Plan:
Clinton Township has developed an action plan to protect local citizens, businesses and property in the event of a natural or man-made emergency or disaster. It is an all-hazards plan that is adaptable to any type of emergency or disaster that the Township may have to deal with.

What We Do for You and Clinton Township:

  • Coordinate Emergency Management activities for the Clinton Township.
  • Maintain and update the Township’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, Hazards Vulnerability Analysis, and Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Activate and staff the Township’s Emergency Operations Effort.
  • Coordinate for local, state, and federal government response and recovery operations during a major emergency or disaster.
  • Monitor severe weather watches, warnings, and special statements issued by the National Weather Service and provide this information to other local government departments including Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, and Township Leadership and Department Heads.
  • Provide assistance and support to all public safety agencies, government entities, and private sector partners through planning, training, and exercising.
  • Coordinate resource support to the on scene Incident Commanders when requested.
  • Provide continuity of Operations Planning information and guidance.

Communications Information:

  • Effective emergency management and incident response activities rely on flexible communications and information systems. The Clinton Township Office of Emergency Management continues to try and use the most efficient and effective way to communicate with our residents and businesses. Information will be distributed primarily through the Township website, Police Department Facebook, and other means as needed and available.

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