Open Space Advisory Committee
2023 Committee Members 

Name  Term Expires
Mike Aversa, Chair 12/31/2023
Chris Hackett 12/31/2023
Les Geise 12/31/2023
Amy Switlyk, Councilwoman  12/31/2023
Doug Pecota, Environmental  12/31/2023
Janet Howard  12/31/2023
Michael McGeough 12/31/2024
Ben Hunt , Alternate #1  12/31/2023
Roger Straight, Alternate #2 12/31/2024


In 1996 voters approved a 2 cents per $100 of assessed value to the tax bill and in 1998 it increased to 5 cents per $100 for a period of 5 years. It is currently back to 2 cents.

Using the Master Plan's greenway map the Open Space Committee made a list of all parcels of land and ranked them on a 1 to 10 scale by the following features: Mature forests; good agricultural soils; streams and wetlands; limestone; bio diversity; wildlife; historic elements; scenic corridors; steep slopes; proximity to other preserved land; development pressure Grants were obtained from the state; county; and non-profit conservation groups.

Land was purchased in 2 ways: development rights only as in farm preservation and in fee where the entire parcel was purchased.


  1. 126 acres Muckelman Farm located on W side of 629 and Molasses Hill Rd
  2. 221 acre Smith Farm located on the West and East side of Rt 629 and Payne Rd
  3. 129.46 acres Le Compte Farm includes 10 acres of public trail around perimeter. Located along Valley Crest and Allerton Rds. Parking area on Allerton across from Blue Cliff Rd
  4. 202 acre Herr Farm located off Stanton Mt Rd
  5. 56.97 acres Teets farm located Rt 639
  6. 103 acres Sutton Farm located Rt 639 and David Post Rd
  7. 55.1 Spencer Farm acres located on Spencer Lane off Petticoat
  8. 77.56 acres Romano on Spencer Lane off Petticoat
  9. 156.882 acres Weppler Farms located on Cokesbury Rd


  1. 95 acres Bray's Hill Preserve located on E end of Sand Hill Rd Trails developed (Click here for map)
  2. 80 acres Hackett's Preserve located off Sunrise Circle turn at mailbox14 (Click here for map)
  3. 153 acres Prostak Farm located Rt 626 and Stanton Mt Rd (Click here for map)
  4. 64.45 acres Bundt Park located on Red School House Rd. Active and passive recreation
  5. 26 acres Raritan River walk located rear of Wellness Center on 31 N
  6. 55 acres Springside Farm (Beaver Brook/Foran Field) located off E Main (Click here for map)
    (Click here for Nassau Trail map)
  7. 19.47 acres adjacent to Spruce Run Reservoir
  8. 292 acres Windy Acres located off Main St right past Buzbys (Click here for map)